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History of Scouting in Bunbury

The scouting movement in Bunbury has grown from fewer than 10 people to more than 150 young people and 35 adults in less than five years. Our activities range from traditional scout badge work to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. In fact, over the last two years over 60 young people have participated in this scheme. Bunbury has won the title as fastest growing scout group for the past four years.

Within the village we currently have the village hall and the sports pavilion in addition to our small well used, but slightly dilapidated scout hut; yet there are more than 40 clubs and societies that compete to use these facilities.

The current scout hut acts as a focal point for all youth services within our village, however it is on a domestic scale having room to accommodate only 20 people and is hopelessly inadequate for larger groups. It has no external space, parking or disabled facilities and is surrounded by residential buildings. Due to fire regulations its upper floor is unusable except for storage. In addition the building, having been converted from a farm building approximately 40 years ago, is very old and despite our best efforts it is approaching the end of its life as a community building.

As the group, and all the associated kit and equipment to support them, has grown, it has become increasingly apparent that the old Scout Hut, in the centre of the village, is no longer capable of supporting such a successful and vibrant youth organisation. In order for the group to continue to thrive and prosper, it is now vital that a new dedicated and permanent home can be found, hopefully in the next 18-24 months.

We have undertaken to sell our existing scout hut, the sale of which is progressing well. The proceeds from this will provide a contribution to the overall figure that will be required to fund the purchase of a new Scout Hut and community buiding, which is proposed to be located beside the tennis courts on Jubilee Playing Fields. We have already been in contact with other Scout groups, about how they have gone about similar projects and we have visited Coventry Scout group, who have recently moved into their new purpose built hut.

Allowing for the proceeds from the sale of the old Scout Hut, it is estimated that we will have to raise approximately an additional £ 75,000. A small fund raising committee has been set-up with the task of raising this money and it is hoped that this will be achieved through a number of sources – grants, sponsorship (corporate and individual) and a lot of fundraising!